Manjapai: Film Review – The bag is half full

There hasn’t been a movie like King Kong or Godzilla in Tamil cinema. Either the budget doesn’t permit it or nobody wants to make films such as these. The Tamil audience prefers drama any day of the year, so let’s place Raj Kiran in the place of Godzilla or King Kong who comes to the city and creates ruckus. Yeah, that’s how villagers are portrayed epitomizing the term ‘Village Idiot’. Manjapai is one such film where gags and melodrama are aplenty.

The film begins with a song where Raj Kiran is seen playing with his grandson. The heart-warming number by SPB will remind you of the ‘80s. Vimal and Lakshmi Menon, who are the other two well-known names are a part of the film. Apart from the cast, the crew seems to be fairly new. 
Raj Kiran is one of the most-underrated actors in Tamil Cinema. He has done many commendable films in the later half of his career. Not well-received in his initial days due to the films he worked on, the man has really matured as a character artist. His performances are subtle and measured. Vemal as Raj Kiran’s grandson, is good but donning the role of a software engineer seems like a miscast. Lakshmi Menon, on the other hand, is known for her line of successful films. The lady is really beautiful in the Paathu Paathu song and her moves are jaw-dropping.
Here in the film it’s Raj Kiran who’s the Manjapai, that’s how villagers are called presumably. Find out for yourself if he will survive in the fast-paced city life.
Why you should watch this film? 
It’s a one-man-show featuring Raj Kiran. He certainly will have you in splits, especially in the film’s climax.

By Charles Britto

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