Verdict: An action-packed rural entertainer. 

Films set against a rural backdrop are often deemed as family entertainers. They provide good doses of family drama, action and comedy.  This week’s latest release, Maruthu also belongs to this genre. Directed by Muthaiah, the film is a revenge-drama that weaves a story around the relationship between a man and his grandmother.

Muthaiah‘s previous films, Kutti Puli and Komban worked as solid rural entertainers. These films centered around  rough and tough men, whose lives get shaken due to the threat of a local thug. Maruthu, too, is no different. The opening sequence of the film begins with a chilling murder and that intrigues the viewer. Only after that are we introduced to Maruthu (Vishal), and this shot is completely whistle-worthy! While the first half of the film is filled with comic sequences and songs, the second half is when the film moves at a fast pace. The slow-motion action scenes, the torturous ways in which Arun (R.K. Suresh) kills his enemies, and the flashback sequences make this interesting. In one scene, Arun leaves Maruthu’s grandmother unharmed and that’s when the film puzzles you. As the film proceeds, it begins to slow down a bit, and slightly drags towards the climax sequences.

In terms of performances, Vishal’s performance as macho yet kind Maruthu is good. He flexes his muscles, shows off his biceps and shines as the solo action hero! It’s not often that one gets to see strong women characters in films, but this film proves us wrong. The characterization of Aathira Pandiyalakshmi and the Malayalam actress Kulappulli Leela (as Maruthu’s grandmother), is commendable. They are shown as brave women, ready to risk their lives for the betterment of society and their family, and both their performances are superb. R.K. Suresh looks tailor-made to play the role of a villain. He goes through his role with ease.

The film’s cinematography and background score work well. The dull-brown color tone uplifts the visuals in the action-sequences. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you’re a fan of rustic rural entertainers that are high on action, then Maruthu is for you. Watch out for Vishal’s performance and the menacing screen presence of R.K. Suresh.