Masala Padam: Film Review – A Battle Between Film-makers and the Audience

Verdict: Innovative ideas make this an interesting film.

There is a new trend in Tamil cinema – making films on how to make films. These movies give the audience a chance to see, and visualize the nuances of film-making.  Director Laxman Kumar in his debut effort, Masala Padam tries something similar. However, what makes this movie different from the other meta films is the fact that Masala Padam tries to explore the elements that judges our tastes in cinema.

The opening credits of the movie capture attention immediately; almost like a crash course in Tamil cinema. As the film progresses, it offers a glimpse into the kind of cinema the audience enjoys today – ‘Masala films’.  The film then explores a series of questions: How long should the audience be fed with templated stuff?, Why doesn’t anybody object ? and When would the audience get to watch films that are high on content? Food for thought, all of them. 

We live in a digital age when everybody has an opinion on a movie and are only glad to put it up in public on the various social media platforms. Hence, are film critics and bloggers responsible for a film’s loss or should they not voice their thoughts? Masala Padam’s plot takes a turn based on this premise. The first half of the film cleverly explores this subject offering intelligent conversations. For instance, the heated conversation between the producer and bloggers at a news show (reminds you of the scene from Mudhalvan) is well-written and executed. 
While there’s much to rave about in the first-half, the same can’t be said about the second-half of the ilm. The plot derails and is ridden with cliched elements. Shiva‘s performance deserves a mention. His comic timing works very well for the movie. Bobby Simha constantly wears a grim look that defines his character in the film. The heroines are more than mere glam dolls, and thankfully, aren’t seen in item songs and duet numbers.
Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Watch Masala Padam if you’re interested in the debate between the film industry and critics. Technically, the cinematography of the film is also top-notch.