Venkat Prabhu does it again! He takes in a big actor, adds a no-brainier plot, induces the star value in the actor and eventually, derives with a live-wire final product. He does the same with the his latest offering, Massu Engira Maasilamani. And playing the titular role in the film is, Suriya. Having faced severe backlash for his previous film, Anjaan, Suriya has taken a wise decision  to please the audience with, Masss.

Unlike Venkat Prabhu’s previous films that ride on a wafer-thin plot, Masss tries to stick to a solid plot. Although confusing at parts, the film stays faithful to it’s screenplay and moves at an unrestricted pace. Intended to be a horror-comedy, the spooky elements are placed aptly. They aren’t too loud, neither are scary. The CG work, might remind you of your favorite cartoon show Scooby Doo, and may seem a little juvenile. Perhaps this was placed in such a way to attract children. The dialogues and witty one-liners add flavor to the context. Another big plus for the film is the rocking BGM by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The songs in the film may not be catchy, but the background score definitely lifts the tone of the film. The film’s leading ladies, Pranitha and Nayantara appear in blink and miss roles, and are seen like caricatures. But thankfully, the filmmaker spared them from being mere glamour dolls! 
The problem in the film arises when the plot dissolves into  sub-plots, focusing on a lot of characters, and gradually giving us a feeling like it’s stretched a tad too much. The inclusion of characters like Seeman and Karunas is a big plus, but what’s sad is their limited screen presence. With high-energy and engaging performance, Suriya will completely entertain you in his role! Comedy may not be his forte, but he’s definitely tried! Most of the scenes will remind you of his performance in 7aum Arivu. You’ll particularly enjoy him perform the role of ghost. A pretty stylish one that is! Another show stealer is, Parthiepan. Although his role is limited, he delivers  a performance that you can cheer for! Probably one of the most fun and memorable performance by the actor. You’ll also get to watch plenty of popular actors who appear in cameo roles. 
All this berserk energy and humor might make you impatient, but Venkat Prabhu’s solid ‘masss’ movie packaging might make up for it!
Why you should watch this film?
Overall, this film serves as perfect summer treat for family audience. Watch it for Suriya’s live-wire performance. The film may not be ‘Pakka’ Masss, but is surely can’t be condemned as ‘Podi’ Masss either! It’s a fun and racy commercial entertainer that is good to watch with a bucket of popcorn.