Maya: Film Review – Spooks and Thrills Guaranteed

 There is something effectively scary about debutant director Ashwin Saravana’s Maya. Right from the eerie first frame to the pre-interval block, everything about the film immediately draws you into the story. Despite its lengthy run time, the film provides a heavy dose of scares – an element that is required for any movie in this genre.

There’s tension that is effectively built in the film – one that slowly establishes the characters. The scares are genuine and will make you jump in your seat.
Saravana may well have been influenced by the Korean school of horror. He still manages to infuse enough originality in the film. The climax of the movie is probably one of the scariest parts and so you would do well to last this one out. The director uses the classic trick essentially used in some of the most spine-chilling horror films – creating an illusion complete with a spine-chilling twist
It’s refreshing to see Nayantara play the role of a mother; one that the Tamil audience has not seen before. She puts up a noteworthy performance. There’s less focus on the physical appearance and more on her performance. Aari works perfectly as a supporting actor in this film.
The lengthy run time might not work for everybody though. Maya could’ve been cut shorter and crisper.Maya’s plot gets a tad confusing due to the transition between meta film and current sequences.
Cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan’s camera brings out all that is strange, mysterious and evil superbly. The dull and eerie lighting adds to the suspense element. The digital coloring of grey, blue adds an edgy steely quality – that essentially marks all thrillers. Ron Ethan Yohaan‘s music  adds further value to the film.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you enjoy scares that are genuine at the movies, Maya should be your pick. A horror film sans any social message, unneccesary humor or cheap thrills. A supernatural movie that’ll have you at the edge-of-your-seat! Sleep safe tonight… you never know what lurks around you.