Directed by Magizh Thirumeni, Meaghamann is an action drama set in Goa, where we are introduced to an illegal alliance being run by a drug lord named Jothi. On the other hand, Arun/Shiva is an undercover cop, who is assigned to eradicate this drug cartel. Whether he succeeds or not is the ultimate crux of the film.

Meaghamann reminds you more or less of the successful film, Pokiri. The story-line is interesting but fails to generate the thrills that a high-octane action film, is supposed to deliver. However, it is enjoyable enough to keep you planted on your seats in the theatre, which seems to be a very big deal nowadays. Moreover, Arya who plays the lead in the film manages to dissolve his rom-com image and stands out with his exceptional performance.

The film bombards you with too many characters in the beginning. Plus, everything happens so fast that it makes you forget the plot’s origin. However, as the story progresses, one needs to identify the important characters in order to understand the film.
The background score by Thaman is decent, whereas director Magizh Thirumeni has put in a lot of effort to characterize the main antagonist. If only he had put in the same effort on the other characters, then the film would have been more interesting. Overall, Meaghamann is a regular action film which tries to retain logic.
Why you should watch this film?
If you are looking for an action-packed film this Christmas, then Meaghamann is worth a watch with friends and family.
By Pradeep Antony

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