Verdict: Thalapathy Vijay and director Atlee duo deliver a firecracker. 

The biggest and most iconic movie of this year is finally here and we cannot wait for you to watch it! Mersal is made on a budgget of  whopping 120 crore INR, with an emoji of its own and the title trademarked – again, the first of its kind. Mind-blowing action sequences and A.R. Rahman’s music coupled with Thalapathy Vijay’s charm and enigma makes this film worth the watch.

What’s It About:
The story is set in three time periods with Vijay in three roles – a magician, a doctor and a Village leader. The movie opens with Maaran (Vijay) being arrested for interrogation and slowly segues into the other two timelines. Maaran encounters Anu Pallavi(Kajal Aggarwal) in conference in Europe. As days pass by, Maaran eventually falls in love and gets engaged to his second love interest Tara (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) who is a vivacious and incredibly outright reporter. The third timeline introduces Aishwarya VetriMaaran (Nithya Menen), a beautiful and a smart home-maker. Alongside Vijay is the hilarious Vadivel with his ever-so-humorous enigma and classic Vadivel type jokes. The movie largely addresses the healthcare scam in the country and questions the approach of private healthcare institutions toward basic healthcare to the general masses.
Mersal Film Review - BookMyShowWhat Works:
Needless to say, everything about Vijay and Vadivel works in the movie. The action sequences are brilliantly shot with emphasis on the right parts. Unlike most movies in the recent times, this movie has very few mindless fights. The movie overwhelms you with the emotional parts. The direction style of Atlee Kumar seems wonderfully refreshing. 

What Could Have Been Better:
All action sequences and segues had a beautiful flow and helped build a structure of suspense and mystery. Although, in some scenes, the fights did seem a tad bit repetitive but could be written off owing to the structure of the storyline.

Why You Should Watch:
This is going to be The Most Engaging Movie of the year with star-studded performances by Vijay and Vadivel and the musical stylings of A.R. Rahman will keep you at the edge of the seat trying to avoid breaking into a dance routine. We suggest you watch this action-packed masala movie at the earliest and whistle and cheer as loud as you can for Thalapathy.

– By Nikita Fernandes

Here's five reasons to watch the film if you aren't already convinced: