Moondraam Ullaga Por Movie Reviews

Moondraam Ullaga Por: Film Review – An Interesting Take on World War III

Verdict – A perfect tribute to the Indian army.

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘futuristic film’? Robots and digital skyscrapers, right? That’s how this week’s release Moondraam Ullaga Por stands out. Promoting itself as India’s first full-length futuristic film, Moondraam Ullaga Por is devoid of any such elements.

Directed by Sugan Kartthi, this film is set in the year 2025, and explores the consequences of the third world war, which takes place between India and China. When you’re making a film that has war as its backdrop, it’s only fair to expect some heavy battle sequences, war ships, and the never-ending conflicts between the two nations. And, Moondraam Ullaga Por, offers plenty of it. 
The visual delight is doubled when these elements are complimented by good VFX. The enormous warships, the submarine, and the digital gizmos- all make the theme of the film look authentic. The film takes us on a journey through the landscapes of China. It also gives us a glimpse of the torture chambers. The first half of the film shows us the gruelling methods used by the Chinese army to torture the hero, Saravanan (Sunil Kumar). The mettle and undying vigor showed by Major Saravanan, makes us believe in his character.
The film educates the viewer about the life of an army man, and showcases his love towards cinema. The romantic track between Madhi (Akhila Kishore) and Saravana, mellows down the intensity of the theme, but still blends perfectly with the film. This movie doesn’t aim to show only the positive side of India. It also points out the deadly evils that exist in it, and how it houses its own enemies. The over-rehearsed acting by the supporting actors, the half-witted dialogues and illogical ploys used by the antagonist (Wilson), are some of the negative aspects of this film.
A war film is incomplete without a strong army officer playing the role of a protagonist. Sunil Kumar plays the role of Major Saravanan, a dedicated officer who is bent on ensuring the welfare of India and its citizens. Sunil Kumar is sincere in his role. He plays it aptly. The music by Ved Shankar, is the biggest strength of this film. The background score is perfect for the intense, patriotic moments. The cinematography is another plus.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you love watching war films, then Moondraam Ullaga Por is for you. The film’s lead actor, Sunil Kumar’s performance is another reason why you should watch this film.