Some of the most likeable scenes of Madhumitha Vijay’s Moone Moonu Varthai are its comic sequences. The comedy seems so silly, that it’s actually funny! Credits to the film’s lead actors Venkatesh Harinathan and Arjun Chidambaram, who have managed to save some amateurishly written scenes, only with their comic timing and dialogue delivery. But the basic problem with this film lies in its weak and inconsistent writing. It falls short of having a solid plot, making it seem unmotivated and tiresome.

When it comes to trying too hard, some films just ace the game! Just like Moone Moonu Varthai, a film that feels as if it doesn’t really know which genre it belongs to. The film starts off as comedy, and stays loyal to its genre in few parts. But, it later makes quick transitions to give us a little bit of horror, romance, sentiment, which leaves you with the question – do these scenes add to the plot of the film? Does this movie take itself seriously? Somewhere, it looks like a behind-the-scenes-footage of the film. The performance of its supporting cast appears to be wooden and rehearsed. 
The background score is dramatic and so is the placement of songs. But the lyrics of a duet song where the heroine questions the concept of beauty is noteworthy. The lead characters work on  a business idea where their job is to deliver only the bad news to people. Initially, this might seem as if it’ll pass off as a good theme for a sitcom. Later, you rubbish this idea because, practically it seems illogical and baseless. Why did Arjun’s grandparents leave for America? Why weren’t we shown how the lead couple fell in love? Do Arjun and Karnan work for the money or to genuinely think of a way to work? None of this is answered. The makers could’ve at least utilized this to give us an idea that it might be an illogical film. 
SPB and Lakshmi give good performances and look adorable. They might remind you of your loving grandparents. The cinematography by Srinivasan Venkatesh makes the visuals looks beautiful.
Why you should watch this film?
If you’re in a mood to watch something different this weekend, then Moone Moonu Varthai might be your pick. The humor works in parts, but beware of the film’s illogical plot, which is inconsistent.