Mugamoodi: Movie Review

Review: With the superhero universe being ruled by DC and Marvel, India had its own league of superheroes in the form of Krrish and G-one (of Ra.One fame). Now it’s Tollywood’s turn with Mugamoodi, a kung-fu fighting caped crusader who fights the injustices of the society. Mugamoodi fails to impress at all levels. Mugamoodi, though, had traces of Jackie Chan and Krish, as a superhero, he was an absolute let down. For comic book and superhero aficionados, Mugamoodi would probably be considered as a whiny cry baby who has some ridiculous issues in life. Generally, a lot of pain makes a normal human being a superhero (Read: Batman, Daredevil), but Mugamoodi became a superhero to impress a certain woman.


For a Tamil superhero movie, the cinematography and the visual effects were quite a letdown. Even normal Tamil movies have better cinematography and visual effects compared to Mugamoodi. Anand/ Bruce lee, played by Jiiva, is a martial arts expert who can’t stand injustice and is a loyal student to his master Chandru, played by Selvaah. As predictable as any other mediocre story, Anand falls in love with Shakthi, played by Pooja Hegde. The whole plot revolves around two things: one, a gang of ruthless criminals robbing houses and killing people, and two, Anand transforming into Mugamoodi to impress Shakthi, and take revenge on the criminals who kill his best friend. The movie showcases an extremely ineffective police force, a villian (Dragon, played by Narain) who’s done a rather bad emulation of Lex Luthor (of Superman fame) and Bane (of Batman fame). Mugamoodi, on the other hand, is more sissy than any of the sissy superheroes the world has seen. With traces of Marvel (the opening credits are a direct rip off) and DC comics (characters and what not), Mugamoodi is quite a bummer of a movie.


The movie’s opening scene is thrilling with dragon doing an impeccable robbery. But from then on, what promises to be an absolute thriller, goes downhill. Unnecessary romantic scenes, Mugamoodi crying and prancing around like a little girl are complete turn offs and could have been done away with. All actors of the movie require acting classes. Pooja Hegde, in particular, was probably the worst of them all. The music was also quite disappointing, all songs and the score failed to impress. For a film directed by Mysskin and with Jiiva doing the lead role, barring a few good scenes, Mugamoodi turned out to be an absolute dud.

Verdict: Not something you would enjoy, superhero fan or not.

Movie Details
Director: Mysskin
Cast: Jiiva, Narain, Nasser, Pooja Hegde
Music: Krishnakumar
Length: 2 hours 43 mins

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