Mundasupatti: Film Review – Too inconsistent to really work

You have a fictitious town of Mundasupatti, a cocky-yet-determined photographer, his loyal assistant and a town filled with superstitious people. Despite of having an innovative plot with spunky characters, Mundasuppatti fails to impress, primarily for its hauling method of storytelling. Of late, there has been a rise in the number of period-dramas that Kollywood has witnessed. However, films like Pannaiyarum Padminuiyum and Nedunchalai have struck a chord with the audience. Rummy turned out to be a damp squib, and Mundasupatti too falls in the similar category. But what makes this a dull entertainer, is the inconsistent narrative it decides to adopt – which in turn makes the plot seem stationary.

The ‘80s is portrayed in the same cinematic style – half-sarees, copper vessels, the Kamal-Rajini mania, and not to forget, the graphic print shirts. But all these elements seem like a theatre set-up, which is rather unconvincing for a film. But the film does convey some genuinely nice moments that create a few laughs, eventually spelling originality. The moments between the temple priest and the photographers will crack you up. Perhaps, only a few hand-picked scenes might make you want to continue watching this film. But you soon realize that this is all just a trick, the film doesn’t have anything more to offer.

We keep waiting for the scenes that will add to the flow of the narrative, which in turn might keep us hooked. We wonder if the repetitive scenes – The photographers having a meal – the heroine’s indecisive mood – the shots of the bike – we await that they might add upto something, but nothing kicks-off. You might get weary of these continuous sequences. Gopi (Vishnu) and Kalaivani’s (Nandita) chemistry really doesn’t have us rooting for them. The ‘cat’ attack on the villain seems too childish. So is the fact that Munis’s non-repetitive clothes fit the photographers so well. These probably are a rip-off of a cartoon series.

Why should you watch this film:

Watch it for the innovative plot that director Ram tries to convey. The film, however, increases the tolerance level of the audience, the ones who choose to sit through it. If only this run-of-the-mill plot was packaged well.


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