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Naachiyaar: Film Review – Gripping and Emotional

Verdict: Jyothika's sass quotient is off the roof and she will be your new favorite. 

The Tamil film industry has taken a turn for the better with more unfiltered storytelling, and we couldn't be more proud. As women, we'd like to believe that we are safe in our society and the system will not fail us and this film depicts the very same emotion with utmost importance and treads over this important topic ever so carefully.

Naachiyaar Film Review - BookMyShow

What is Naachiyaar about? 

P. Naachiyaar (Jyothika) is the assistant commissioner of police in Chennai. She is a rough and tough sort of cop who is ready to go above and beyond for justice and truth. And in this quest for being an honest police, she is assigned a rape case of a minor girl Arasi (Ivana), a housemaid who works for rich and elite families in Chennai and is pregnant. The accused is her boyfriend Kaathavarayan (G. V. Prakash Kumar). What started off as an innocent, mushy love story takes a very real and twisted turn when Naachiyaar is trying to uncover the truth of this case. Although Kaathu confesses to having had a sexual relationship with Arasi, Naachiyaar refuses to believe that he has committed the heinous crime. Watch this intense film to uncover the truth with Naachiyaar. 

What works? 

This film is enticing and emotionally gripping in every scene. With the musical stylings of Ilaiyaraaja, the film keeps you engaged at all times and does a great job at keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Director Bala couldn't possibly have done a better job at telling the story. The film is precise and to the point with almost no subplots and hence keeps you involved in the characters throughout. G. V. Prakash Kumar and Ivana deliver stellar performances and you'll absolutely love them! Jyothika brings the tough woman character to the table and how! She manages to be absolutely brilliant and holds the entire film together with her sassiness and hilariously savage comebacks. 

What could have been better? 

The film talks about rape and sexual assault which is the most important and fragile topic that needs to be addressed in our society now and while the film has done a wonderful work at telling the story, it has failed to take into account certain emotional traumatic aspects. 

Why you should watch Naachiyaar:

We couldn't stress enough about how important this film is and the message it carries. We strongly recommend that you go watch this film with your loved ones and take everything this movie has to offer! Also, watch this one for a super performance by Jyothika.

By Nikita Fernandes