Naigal Jakirathai capitalizes the recent splurge in passion for having pets.
The plot of Naigal Jakirathai is set up in Coimbatore. Karthick is a sub-inspector who comes in possession of an army trained Belgian Shepard named Subramani. He is portrayed as an orphan living alone with his sister, a disappointed and concerned wife. The effect of Subramani in his life and an ongoing women trafficking in the city is Naigal Jakirathai.

It’s nice to see Sibiraj after a really long time to hit the silver screens. But how this movie is going to help him is really a question. Not much of a scope for his performance. The plot is interesting, but there is not much of a backstory to anything that one sees on the screen. Everything seems pretty random, which works towards a serious Scooby Doo Mystery ready to happen at any given time. The screenplay could have been better. However, the film often feels like random scenes put together to make a movie happen.

Goosebumps guaranteed whenever Subramani shows up and the heroic theme music starts, Sibiraj must have had issues. Some of the film’s key characters seem to have no effect on the viewer at all. For instance, the hero’s wife and the villain. One can easily deduce what movies the writer was watching when you see the characterization of the villain (Cough… BURIED… Cough). A few small-time characters like Mailsamy and Manobhala refuses to leave the screen without giving you a smile.

Overall, it’s a decent effort. The director needs a pat for his effort to make a K9 movie with very little special effects.

Why should you watch this film?

If you are a dog lover, you would have already booked your tickets. So why miss it?

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