Imagine a town with a crime-rate of zero. A place where people co-exist peacefully with each other. Which means, the police of this town have almost nothing to do. Doesn’t it sound interesting? This is the premise of director Srikrishna’s film Naalu Policeum Nalla Irundha Oorum. The film was inspired by the 1939 English film ‘Ask a Policeman’, though the director has made certain changes to suit the Tamil audience. 

As interesting as the plot sounds, the film holds your attention only partially. The first half of this film is filled with comic sequences and works well. It juggles between comedy and political satire. However, the problems begin when the director struggles to strike a balance between being too serious and being funny. Another drawback of the film is its lengthy run time.
The plot of the film could’ve easily followed one particular genre. Instead, it wavers between being a comedy-drama and a political drama. The story of the film seems like it would have worked better in the form of a skit, rather than in the form of a feature film. This is not just because of its long run time but the number of characters the film has. A lot of screen-time is devoted to the villagers and a new character features in every frame. In the end, is it a tale of revenge by a thief, or is it a love story? That is the unanswered question.
The director has put across some innovative scenes which are worth mentioning. The scene in which the thief is portrayed as a music conductor and influences the other thieves to follow his instructions is quite funny and memorable! 
The real star of this film is comedian Singampuli. With a substantial role and a solid performance, the actor makes his presence felt. Arulnithi plays the role of a supporting actor rather than an actual ‘hero’. The background score is also a plus for this film.
Why you should watch this film:
If you’re looking to watch a cop film which doesn’t feature violence, gore or over-the-top action sequences, then this movie might be your pick. Watch it for the comic sequences.