Verdict: A political satire that shows the corrupt side of politics.

Natpe Thunai brings the organised crimes to limelight and portrays how people take irrational decisions when they are emotionally driven or triggered. It’s a story of a few politicians who are quite organised with respect to the corruption. It talks about a person with talent but no wealth could never be presented with a fair opportunity when such a corrupt system exists.

What’s Natpe Thunai About:

Prabhakharan (Hip Hop Aadhi) seems to be a jovial person and his biggest ambition in life is to go to France. In a parallel story line, a powerful corporation is seeking the help of the minister Harichandran (Karu Palaniappan) to acquire a local ground, where the neighborhood guys practice hockey. The only way to save the ground from this company is to win at least the first match of a National level league hockey match. The rest of the movie revolves around how Prabha gets involved in this and whether he’s able to get them their ground back.

What Works:

Karu Palaniappan who plays the minister does a wonderful job of showing us the dark side of politics and how an experienced political person could be dangerous when they hold power. His dialogue delivery has definitely boosted the tone of the movie. While the characters built up takes some time, the vibe in the second half of the movie turns altogether. The story line picks up with a sudden thrust and it gives us many feel-good goosebumps, right up until the climax. So much so, the audience here waited even after credits, hoping for some post-credit scene. Hip Hop Aadhi has given his best and has done a decent job. The background music is on point, like always and let’s be honest, he’s great at it. We also see a lot of YouTubers make an appearance. Deepa (Anagha) is convincing as the girl next door and she maintains her character throughout. Karu Palaniappan is the soul of the movie and Harish (hockey coach) does a great job. Debutante director Parthiban Desingu’s attempt is impressive and that makes Natpe Thunai worth a watch. So, don’t miss it!

What could’ve been better:

The first half of the movie seems to go rather slowly, where not much is revealed. A few cuts seem to be a bit abrupt and rushed. However, the second half breathes back life into the movie and keeps the audience in awe until the very end.

Why you should watch:

Natpe Thunai ends on a note that leaves us thinking about the upcoming elections. Overall, the emotional connection, the patriotism, the political satire, and the well-defined characters blend well with the exciting and satisfying story arc.

– By Brijesh Devaram