Verdict: Vikram Prabhu lights up the screen as a fireman!

Neruppuda immediately reminds you of the song from Kabali, doesn’t it? Neruppuda is a movie directed by the debutant B. Ashok Kumar. The movie focuses on five youngsters who aspire to become firemen and save lives. It stars Vikram Prabhu and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles and not to forget Motta Rajendran, playing the role of an area’s immature councilor who is this film’s major source of humor content.
Neruppuda - BookMyShowGuru’s (Vikram Prabhu) passion for fire services was ignited when, as a kid, when he witnesses a fire accident. He, along with his four other friends, aspires to become a fireman and serve the fire services department. They are so serious about their ambition that they have their own fire services running, and these five people are the first ones to reach a fire struck area. Their ambition and dreams are put to a brisk halt when Dhana (Varun), Guru’s friend accidently kills a goon’s best friend, Sadaa. Things get heated hereon (pun intended) and every scene in this movie will have you sitting at the edge of your seat. Nikki Galrani plays the role of Guru’s love interest, and the chemistry of this pair lights up the entire screen and it can be seen in the song Aalangiliyae. The song is not just directed by Sean Roldan, he has also sung it along with Shweta Mohan and it is a must listen.

It is a seamless blend of drama and action with strokes of comedy here and there. More than being a thriller, this movie comes under the category of action. Cinematographer R.D Rajasekhar knows how to make his actors look flawless on screen. His aesthetic way of capturing the actors and everything in his camera engender a beautiful and brilliant movie on the screen. The movie has the possibility of becoming a commercial hit simply because of Vikram Prabhu.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The story truly shows what it is like to have a burning desire to become something and achieve something against all odds. It will just be your day’s dosage of motivation to go ahead and do something productive (like work out maybe). Vikram Prabhu’s joyous face is enough to light the whole screen up. In conclusion, watch it as the quality of the content/story is good and for the catchy songs.

-By Shwetha Srikanth