Despite of giving films like 23-pulikesi, Arai En 305-il Kadavul and Irumbukottai Muratusingam, that belonged to the fantasy and mythological genre, director Chimbu Deven repeatedly dissolves his films in a genre preferred by most of us, Comedy. Most of these films have dealt with wisecracks that take a dig at the society. He does it once again in his latest film, Oru Kaniyum Moonu Kalavaniyum (OKMK).
The film doesn’t have one but three tales. The story of OKMK portrays the life of three characters and how a difference of merely fifty nine seconds or one minute can change their destiny. While the director clearly lists out his source of reference from films like Virummandi, Andha Naal, Rashmon and Run lola run, he cleverly adds some realist twists to the story, a smooth narrative and some sharp dialogues that makes the movie a convincing one.

The director doesn’t want to take too much of your time but providing a separate track for romance, neither does he want to give in a gana song in his movie or a sad flashback for each of its characters, so he decides to showcase them in flashes and dialogues. On the downside, the director seems to have induced the mother sentiment – not new in Tamil cinema, and a dragging third plot which makes the film a tad bit over hauling. Most of the time, when a film is filled with too many characters it creates a mess in the plot. But this isn’t the case of OKMK; several veterans like Delhi Ganesh, M.S.Bhaskar, Adukalam Naren and Jayaprakash (who appear in scenes that don’t last more than five minutes) feature in pivotal scenes and leave a lasting impression. Nasser’s character which is part good guy and part bad guy, Hippy Lehri is hilarious.
Arulnidhi convinces you as the guy who can do anything to pursue his girlfriend; Bindu Madhavi’s characterization is refreshing. It’s very rare that you see a heroine portray a role that provides equal screen space along with the other main characters. She isn’t stereotyped, she has no qualms about taking part in the chase and the best part; she isn’t labeled off as just another character. Bhagavathi Perumal‘s timing comedy is to look out for. The editing by Raja Mohammed is neat and crisp, apt for a racy film like this one. Overall it is an unusual take on situations, generously topped with some humorous gags – Chimbu Deven style. Watch it for the realistic portrayal of the characters narrated in a simple yet effective way.

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