The idea of watching a rom-com is to transport you to a world of fantasy and make you fall in love with the characters. Then gradually making you feel warm, fuzzy and happy. But this week’s release offers nothing close to your expectations. Filled with vulgar gags, a weak plot and a mindless story comes, Oru Modhal Oru Kadhal.

Directed by new-comer Keerthi Kumar, this film features several new faces including the lead pair. The film revolves around Karthi (Vivek Rajagopal), an aspiring film director who seeks out to recoup from a recent break-up. He later falls in love with a Punjabi girl, Anusha (Megha Burma). The rest of the story is their journey to marriage.
This film is loosely based on a real life event ( which is also loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel 2 states) suffers mainly because of its clumsy writing.  With its loose narrative and un-appealing  scenes this film seems like a mega-serial, that drags on and on without a point.  A notable scene in the film is the one where a student’s quizzes the ability of an actor, to which the lead unapologetically responds ‘‘, please find the answer there’’  Perhaps the film’s hero Vivek took his acting lessons from the search engine Google.  With his shiny cheeks and broad smile, He merely looks like a anime, providing no life to the character. The heroine is just there, appearing in random scenes. The least she could’ve done is dub for herself in the film. Atleast the audience would pardon her for the Broken Tamil which the character demanded.
The director has delivered way too many blunders in the film. The protagonists ‘Doctor’ parents never go to the clinic. A brother who makes discomforting ‘Biryani’ jokes, His friends are portrayed as creepy and ‘wife fearing men’ and the not-so hillarious ‘Bumper star’. All these characters just add to the scenes which really don’t add to the film’s pace. You would probably judge the directors perception on the Punjabis. Especially in scenes where the Punjabi food (Without Roti) is served with a spoon. There is absolutely no conflict in the film. It just goes on endlessly leading to a dragging film.
The makers of this film haven’t concentrated on the technical area aswell. At the end this film is a mess. It’s dull, boring and completely lacks the spark. Even people who had an inter-cultural wedding can give this film a miss. Watch it if you like a lifeless rom-com.

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