Verdict – Dhanush excels in his directorial debut.

Over the years, Dhanush has proven his mettle in various facets of cinema. Be it acting, singing, writing or producing, he has been recognized for all his works both by critics and audiences. And now with Pa. Paandi, he proves that the director's cap also fits him well. 

The story revolves around a retired stunt master Power Paandi (Raj Kiran) who lives with his son Raghavan (Prasanna), daughter-in-law Prema (Chaaya Singh) and his two grandchildren. Paandi is in his sixties and is physically and mentally very strong. Being a responsible senior citizen, he doesn’t shy away from interfering in any social issue, which often lands him in trouble. These situations don’t go well with his son Raghavan. There’s an instance where Paandi beats up the local drug peddlers and that becomes a police case, for which Raghavan confronts Paandi. This incident provokes Paandi to leave the home for a soul-searching trip. During the trip, he finds a group of elderly bikers with whom he shares his first love story which leads him to meet his old flame Poonthendral (Revathi).

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Raj Kiran is excellent in the role of Paandi. The veteran actor gives another performance worth remembering for long. Prasanna is very convincing in playing the role of a son who is workaholic and doesn’t have the time to take care of his dad emotionally. Actress Revathi, though, has a less screen time, is brilliant as Poonthendral and her chemistry with Raj Kiran is among the major highlights of the film. Dhanush (the younger version of Paandi), Madonna Sebastian (the younger  version of Poonthendral) and the rest of the cast has also done complete justice to their respective roles.

As a director, Dhanush excels in his first attempt. He very well manages to bring out the best performances from his casts. A special mention to his writing skills as it’s the screenplay that makes this conventional story into an outstanding one. The dialogues are also  heartwarming. R. Velraj cinematography beautifully captures both urban and rural flavors. Sean Roldan's music and background score blend perfectly with the mood of the film. The track Paarthen will be the new love song of the season.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

A well made family entertainer with performances so natural that they will definitely grab your emotional plexus. The scenes between Paandi and Poonthendral will surely leave you craving more. So now you know which movie to catch this weekend. Wishing everyone a Happy Tamil New Year.