Pasanga 2 movie review

Pasanga 2: Film Review – An insightful film on children

 Verdict – A film for both parents and children

When it comes to making films on the lives of children, director Pandiraj is one director who gets his act right, almost every time. His keen sense of understanding about the physical and mental hardships the children face, is visible in his films. Be it his films Pasanga or his Marina, children have been the key characters. These films taught lessons to adults as well, without being preachy. Pandiraj’s latest film, Pasanga 2, also revolves around children. The film revolves around kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and is packaged effectively as a glossy commercial entertainer.
The film sheds light on the concept of children’s education, which is determined by the society, parental and peer pressure. It educates us on how each child is different. 
If you thought Pasanga 2 was the Tamil version of Taare Zameen Par, then you’re wrong. Pasanga 2  has merely sought inspiration from the highly successful film, which address the issue about dealing with children.
His debut film, Pasanga worked because of it’s simplicity and an element of realism in it. The comedy was not forced and didn’t seem silly. It worked for both parents and children. Pasanga 2 also has elements that are delightful. The scenes where the children play pranks in schools, the imaginative stories of Nayana, and Kavin’s mischievous act – Pasanga 2 has several original moments. These establish the behavioural traits of these kids, and how they stand out from their peers. It also sheds light on the problems their parents face.
The financially well-to-do parents  (Parallel stories of Bindu Madhavi-Karthik and Ramadoss-Vidya) can afford to get an admission in schools almost every term. But, their inability to come in-terms with the fact that their children need special attention is often brushed off by them. And, the story aims at targeting parents who aren’t aware of their children’s abilities and needs. 
The film also takes a dig at how doctors mislead parents by diagnosing the wrong disorder about a child, making the viewer aware of the situation parents are placed in.
One of the many highlights of the film is the scene where Suriya explains to his parents (indirectly to his viewers), about the importance of parents and therapists, and how one should not hesitate when seeking help. This shows the knowledge of Pandiraj. It’s simple and straightforward. 
However, one of the negative points of the film include its narration, which is preachy. The characterization and sequences that involve Suriya and his family are portrayed to be the ideal happy family, which make it seem like a fictitious tale. The performance and dialogues delivered by children comes across as melodramatic. 
As far as performances are concerned, Suriya looks dashing, and performance is praise-worthy. Performances by child artists – Nayana and Kavin – are quite good. The cinematography by Balasubramaniem makes the visuals look bright and colourful – an essential element of all children’s films.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Pasanga 2 is an enlightening film that will educate and inform you. Suriya‘s commendable screen presence may entice other superstars to take up such character roles in the future. Go and watch it this weekend.