Verdict: This Mammootty starrer is so beautiful and inspired.

Written and directed by Ram, Peranbu is a beautiful story of a father and a daughter with cerebral palsy and their struggles to live in the flawed world. The film starring Mammootty, Sadhana, Anjali and Anjali Ameer in the lead roles has been produced by P. L. Thenappan under the banner Shri Rajalakshmi Films. Theni Easwar has handled the cinematography while Ram’s regular Yuvan Shankar Raja has taken care of the music department.

What’s Peranbu About:

Peranbu revolves around Amudhavan (Mammootty) and his daughter Paapa (Sadhana) who has cerebral palsy. Amudhavan used to be a driver in Dubai for 10 years and as he returns home for vacation, he learns that his wife Thangam has eloped with another man, leaving their daughter Paapa behind. Thangam blames Amudhavan of not showing any interest in her or the daughter ever since they realized her problem. She feels that she has been facing the world and taking care of Paapa. Amudhavan accepts this reality and decides to look after his only daughter who is not exactly friendly with him. He plans a trip with her to a calm place close to the nature and tries to win her affection. Initially she doesn’t seem interested in having any sort of equation with him but eventually they become close. Meanwhile Vijayalekshmi aka Viji (Anjali) comes into their lives and makes things more beautiful. But their happiness does not last long as Amudhavan learns that Viji has some hidden intention behind her presence in his life. A major part of the movie is about his struggle to earn a living while looking after his teenage daughter who has needs which he may not be able fulfill.

What Works:

Ram never fails to astonish us with his amazing stories and movies; he has succeeded this time as well. Peranbu is not just a regular father-daughter movie with problems to face. It has many layers which are categorized as chapters that are equally depressing as they’re satisfying. For the first time, we get to see a father trying to understand his daughter’s sexual needs, thus normalizing sexuality. Mammootty truly is a superstar. He has stepped down from the macho, superheroic roles he has been doing for many years and effortlessly fits into the skin of a troubled father. It is so satisfying to watch him act realistically on screen. Sadhana is just too brilliant, it’s impossible to imagine someone else portraying the role. Anjali and Anjali Ameer have done tremendous jobs as well. However, Mammootty and Sadhana are the show-stealers. Ram has also included nature as a third character and that synchronizes so well with the plot. The location, especially Kodaikanal, is mind-blowing and Theni Easwar has beautifully captured it. Yuvan’s music is spectacular and his score blends well. To sum up, Peranbu is a fantastic movie which deals with compassion and emotion in the best way yet.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The movie is spectacular; however it has no mass scenes or punch dialogues suiting Mammootty’s profile. The narrative is slower than a regular masala film but the content and the treatment of the film make the film a gem.

Why You Should Watch:

Peranbu is for everyone who loves to watch movies closer to reality. It touches your heart and sweeps you over. Peranbu will make you fall in love with actor Mammootty all over again. Peranbu is a movie you would love to watch on the big screen and would not regret the decision.