Verdict: Meet the friendliest ghosts in town with Tamannaah.

After his debut as a director in Adhe Kangal, Rohin Venkatesan is back with this comic horror Petromax. His love for thrillers and crime is apparent, as this movie also is built on a similar concept. Ghibran’s intense music is crucial throughout the movie and adds depth to it. With a cast like Tamannaah, Sathya, Prem Kumar, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat and a special appearance by Yogi Babu, the movie does not warrant anything other than the audience’s claps and laughter.

What’s Petromax About:

Petromax starts with a chilling story of dead bodies found in Wayanad during the flood. The scene transits to a haunted house where nobody ever dares to go. We are introduced to four men, who have landed themselves in a hopeless situation and need money to get out of it, which leads them to a haunted house. The ulterior motive is to sell the house and make some money but they are going to have to stay there for three days. They decide to stay there, completely unaware of the mystery behind this house and the consequences that may ensue. Meera (Tamannaah), one of the ghosts, wants to drive all of them out of the house. What do the ghosts want and what is the fate of these four men will only be decided in the latter part of the story.

What Works:

Petromax has an entertaining plot filled with suspense, thrill, family drama, horror and a lot of comedy. Tamannaah has become the face of horror-comedy after Devi and Devi 2. With back-to-back hits, Tamannaah is again seen on the screen rocking her ghostly avatar. Apart from this, the movie has good, suspenseful storylines that revolve around crimes. The entire plot of the movie is situated in and around the house which adds to the ghostly tension. The initial parts of the movie have plenty of jump scares that would make anyone scream and which have their own entertainment value. Unlike other horror movies, this movie why the house is haunted and why the ghosts are shooing everyone away. This establishes an emotional connection with the characters, which makes the film easier to enjoy and love. Since there are no irrelevant music sequences, rest assured that Petromax is all about the story and characters without the distractions. Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Sathyan are known for their supporting roles, but in this movie, they come out as heroes under the limelight. Rohin Venkatesan makes it a point that they play an equal part in narrating the story as their own. Apart from that, the dialogues and incorporation of other movie dialogues are hilarious and the comic relief is welcome.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The plot takes a while to establish itself, which may leave the audience a bit perplexed. Also, the comic timing could have been improved to reduce the seriousness. Excluding that, the movie is a must-watch for those who love horror and even for those who do not.

Why You Should Watch:

Take your family and have an entertaining weekend with Petromax in the theatres. It’s worth spending every penny for a movie that gives you an insight into how comedy can be used to relieve your pain, fears in the reel life and in real life.

-By Anagha Nair