Verdict: An entertainer high on emotions

Vijay Antony's work is instantly noticed due to the interesting titles of his film. He's most notably known for his work in films like Naan and Salim. His latest Pichaikkaran (Beggar) created buzz ever since it was announced. Directed by Sasi, the film tells the tale of a rich man who decides to hide his identity and become a beggar. The rest of the film reveals the reason behind this decision and the hardships he faces. 

The film begins on an emotionally-charged note and establishes the bond between a mother and her son beautifully. The emotional sequences through the film are sure to warm your heart. What makes these scenes work are the minimal dialogues that bring out the emotions effectively. The movie could've taken the preachy route but it doesn't do so. The first half of the film enthralls with the comic relief provided by the supporting artists. The second half of the film is loaded with action sequences. Vijay Antony as Arul takes to this action role very comfortably.  
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Sasi works with an unusual plot yet follows his template of story telling – which is a solid mix of action and drama. Although it intends to be an entertainer high on emotions, the sequences tend to get melodramatic. The film's run time also seems lengthy. 
Vijay Antony's delivers a strong performance as the calm and composed person who tackles his problems with ease. Debutant Satna Titus emotes perfectly. The performances by the supporting artists are also very good. The cinematography by Prasanna Kumar gives the film the right tones. Vijay Antony's terrific background score gives an interesting twist to the Gayatri Mantra.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Pichaikkaran is a film for the family audience. It has the right amount of drama, action and comedy. This is for those who like films that are high on drama and sentimental content.