Poojai: Film Review – Vishal’s ‘mass’ avatar will have you cheering for him.

 Vishal’s Poojai can be termed as the quintessential Hari film. With racy cuts, sentimental family-drama and dramatic twists, Poojai is a fast paced action movie that’ll engage you completely. In spite of its fairly predictable plot, the film keep you hooked.

If you are an avid fan of commercial cinema, there is a high chance that you would’ve watched all of director Hari‘s films. Be it Aaru, Vel or Singam, all these films had one thing in common; they revolved around a revenge drama. A superhero-type protagonist, who saves his family and society from the devilish powers of the villain. Here, our hero is the endearing Vishal, who is estranged from his family but still endeavours to guard them.
The film starts off by establishing the characters, we have a separate romance track, a track for comedy and a track for the villain. All this boils down to some solid entertainment, when all these tracks merge into one single plot. This keeps you hooked. A particular scene when Vaasu kills the Patna goon is definitely a terrific twist to the tale. Unlike Hari’s other revenge dramas, this one falls short of much-needed zing. The revenge plot rather fizzles out and fails to connect with you. 
Vishal performs his role with ease and looks tailor-made for the role. Shruthi Hassan looks beautiful but you really wish her diction was faster and styling was classier! Sathyaraj, as the rough and tough cop, is good and carries his role with élan!
Why you should watch the film:
Overall the film is a treat for those who are looking to watch a masala movie. Vishal fans will certainly have an enjoyable Diwali.

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