Poriyaalan: Film Review – An engineer’s chase to find justice.

Intense, realistic and engaging, Poriyaalan has all these elements. Director Thanukumar‘s film could’ve become a gripping drama, but it fell short of it. Despite its engaging screenplay, it loses pace due to its long and convoluted plot in the second-half.

You find an engineer who wants to be sincere in this job, but is instructed by his M.D to avoid looking into perfections. Frustrated, he decides to quit the job and begin a construction venture. His life takes a challenging turn, when he gets caught in a land grab issue.
The film echoes Vetrimaran‘s trademark style of filmmaking. Maybe that’s why, his former assistant i.e. the director of the film gives us a good first-half. The first-half of the film is undoubtedly its highlight. With realistic sequences and lines, it moves swiftly. It establishes the key plot, and the obstacle the protagonist faces. Sadly, the second-half doesn’t offer much. Going by the popular saying ‘‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." The protagonist tends to trust the fraudulent land broker, even after nabbing him. This long and and never-ending chase ends abruptly and doesn’t impact us. Not to forget the terrible lip-sync that follows.
It’s refreshing to see Mayilsami in a serious role, it’s a relief that he didn’t have a parallel comedy track in the film. The lead actor Harish, shows promise, but emotes less. But the character who impresses us the most is Saravanan’s (Harish Kalyan) father. All by supporting his son’s decision and being the supportive dad. 
Saravanan is a sensible man, you know it when he mouths the line to the land broker, "Oru ground vangravan oru sovereign naga vanga matana" (If a person can afford to buy a plot of land, he can definitely afford to buy a sovereign of gold) that’s when you realize, the film has some solid writing to its credit.
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film for its gripping first-half, and the moral message it tries to convey about fraudulent activities.

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