Verdict: A tale of unity and strength

Director Manimaran’s debut film Udhayam NH 4 was an action-packed film that moved on a predictable yet engaging plot. The film’s strength was it’s narrative that made you root for the characters. His latest film, Pugazh, also follows a similar template. The film moves on a fairly familiar plot yet the solid narrative makes it a compelling drama. 
Political thrillers often stick to the cliches of portraying politics and politicians in a negative light, and the common man as a helpless being. Pugazh too has these elements, but what makes it different is Manimaran’s style of portraying these contrasting characters in one plot. You eventually begin to root for the common man. Manimaran does it without overshadowing the hero. Pugazh (Jai) wins friends and enemies due to his intolerant nature. He is a courageous man who cannot tolerate injustice. The film portrays him as a saviour, yet doesn’t elevate him to the position of a superman. The one we see in several hero-centric films. 
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The movie spends generous time addressing the film’s core plot – which is a tale on land grabbing, and the politics involved in it. The action in such genres may be gory and filled with violence, however that isn’t the case in this film. The love track between Pugazh and Bhuvani (Surabhi) works like a charm. The scenes are cute and give you the much-needed comic relief. The commercial elements are presented without melodrama. A film like this could’ve easily become heavy on the drama, but it doesn’t. The film could have done so much better with its dialogues and the lengthy sequences don’t work, making a few sequences seem repetitive.
Jai plays the role of an action hero perfectly. He juggles it between playing a supportive friend and an angry young man. Surabhi‘s pleasing appearance and performance works well for her role. Vikram Anand and Karunas deliver good performances in supporting roles. Vivek-Mervin’s lovely tunes work aptly work the film. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Pugazh is certainly a compelling political thriller. Watch this film if you’re a fan of message-oriented films and political dramas.