Tamil horror films work on a universal code – a ghastly image, a lady possessed by a spirit, gory visuals and don’t forget, dolls that can turn their heads 360 degrees. But this isn’t the case anymore, a far better example of a Tamil horror film would be director Prabhu Yuvaraj’s film, Ra. Intended to be an experimental fantasy-horror film, the movie delivers a large amount of chills and thrills, while staying faithful to its genre. 

Nearly one hour is set aside for scaring the hero and the audience. At the end of which you will be left puzzled, with several questions in your mind. Thankfully, the answers of some  are revealed in the second-half, but it just fizzles out due to its clichéd sub-plot. As the story progresses, you will get to hear about ‘Roman scientists, the 4th dimension and the mysterious red door’. Soon, you realize that this isn’t a conventional Tamil film; and you will wonder what’s more is in store for you!
Often we find ourselves adhering to the idea of spirits and supernatural powers taking over the world. Hollywood has done it before. What if a Tamil film portrayed the same? Cine-goers actually get to witness a change.  While the first half of the film is highly engaging, gripping and a tad-bit melodramatic, the science-fiction filled second-half brings an entirely different aspect. Bad lip-syncing is another downside of the film. The posh set-up and minimal characters are  interesting aspects of this film. Not to forget, the hero’s family is immensely wealthy; they move from one villa to another in no time. It is unbelievable because it is never revealed how they acquired so much wealth.
Director Prabhu does a good job of adding eeriness to the film, that keeps the viewer hooked. How else could you explain the riveting and haunting scenes, when the hero is all alone at home!
The performance by the lead, Ashraf, is partially endearing. There is still scope for improvement in his facial expression and voice modulation. One should laud him for his effort as he channelizes all his energy into a powerful performance during the second half. Lawrence as Prabhu is good in portraying deceit. You get to see skilful shot placement and terrific cinematography, courtesy Saravanan Ramasamy. The film is technically sound. A special mention for the haunting background score by Raj Aryan.
Overall the film has quite a few chilling and nail-biting moments that’ll leave you enthralled. In order to enjoy it,  you need to forget your Hollywood movies and watch this one.

Why should you watch this film?
Overall, this thrilling film is definitely for fans of new-age cinema! Watch it if you’re a fan of spooky thrillers.

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