Verdict: A prevalent issue presented in the right way.

Scheduled to hit the screens in June, Raatchasi is finally out and most definitely worth the wait. Sy Gowthamraj has conceptualized a plot that is thoughtful and revolutionary in the most wonderful way with the help of S.R Prachu’s production team. With melodious numbers by Sean Roldan, this movie is blessed with Jyothika’s flawless presence. Apart from her, this movie also features the unignorable Hareesh Peradi, Poornima Bhagyaraj and others who give us an experience so worthwhile.


Raatchasi is a story of a woman who becomes the headmistress of an indisciplined government school and explores the obstacles that fall her way. Geeta Rani (Jyothika), a woman with strong willpower, steps forward to change the destiny of her school students. She comes forth as the last hope to a school that is deteriorating in quality and culture. Thereby, she starts reforming the condition of school and its teachers and students with stringent and innovative methods. Initially, all teachers and students resent her for her strict behavior. They plot against her but Geeta Rani is prepared and persistent. The story later turns to another phase when people find out a hidden truth about her.


After the blockbuster hit Kaatrin Mozhi last year, Jyothika is back with a stronger character in Raatchasi. She has imbibed the character of a headmistress naturally and done justice to it. Her on-screen spark is evident when she takes up such roles. Raatchasi has its own way of narrating the plot, where the concept of teaching and schooling has been keenly focussed upon. It emphasizes on real issues faced by government schools where students do not have access to proper education or facilities. The setting of the movie with a school in the rural part of Tamil Nadu looks realistic and provides the essence that it needs. Hareesh Peradi gives a spooky yet convincing act as the bad guy. In its limited time, the movie narrates the story in a simplistic yet impactful manner.


The movie has a constant play of creating an obstacle and resolving it. Thus, the plot becomes predictable and some scenes feel overdone, leaving no space for the audience to relate to any of the characters except Jyothika’s.


For Jyothika’s fans and people who look out for movies that deal with social issues, Raatchasi is worth spending your money on. Jyothika is on the roll and will woo you with her strong headmistress look and action sequences.

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– By Anagha Nair