Precision and timing is everything in a heist-thriller, and debut director A. G. Amid has clearly used this technique. Right from its first scene that shows us an unkempt room with bottles of liquor, to the the robbery scene that coincides the external factors (not revealing what it is), director A. G. Amid seems to understand that focusing on scenes like these go a long way in establishing the detailing into the story. Add to this a good plot with some good performances and you get the director’s interesting film – Rajathanthiram.

The outlines of this heist-thriller are long and well scripted: The kind of petty con jobs that are done, the well-planned hotel room robbery, the scenes featuring the well shot torch-light scenes, the initial narration with an interesting phone conversation; everything is planned skillfully. All of this leads us to a few questions: Why did Dharma (Adukalam Naresh) want only Arjun to complete the job? How did they work on the gold biscuit plan? how do they plan on distributing the gold?
The track between Michelle (Regina) and Arjun (Veera) is fresh. The lead is the usual happy-chirpy heroine. This is further proved by the makers of the film. But their track leaves you wondering if they are just friends or their relationship in the movie is more than that. In an attempt to showcase the detailing of a few sequences, the director does lose out on giving us a story about the characters, leaving us with several questions about them. It would be interesting to know more about Arjun’s character, and how he decided to choose this profession. It would also be interesting to learn about Mani and his gang and how Dharma carries out his good Samaritan work in the future. The movie left a few questions unanswered.
The dialogues of the movie do seem a little repetitive, especially the conversation that takes place when the three friends are having a squabble. But the movie does have a few handpicked witty one-liners that intensify the rivalry and create a tension between the antagonist and the protagonist.  The movie is subtly drizzled with the right amount of humor. The con scene featuring a man interested to buy the Pulsar bike is not only hilarious, but also adds a level of relatability to his character. Darbuka Shiva joins the list of RJs who are appearing in feature films.
The performance by Ajay Prasad as the soft-spoken guy is good. The character of Azhagappan played by Pattiyal Sekhar seems like one of those crafty characters we’ve seen in a comic book/animated film, brought to life (highlighting this in a positive way). That smirk on his face when he decides to hire Arjun or even the glaring sight he gives while maintaining a casual demeanour; giving us a hint that his cunning methods of scheming are soon to be executed. You can’t help but wonder if he’s going to seek the help of a stranger or use his power to save his wealth, and this is why the character works! The parts that showcase the patient cop explaining the crime situation to his subordinate, is superb. Too bad the movie didn’t give us much attention on them. If it did, then this would’ve been a movie that focused on interesting and solid characters. Veera as Arjun shines in scenes that require him to reveal his dark side. Specifically in a scene when he’s making a deal with the devil. This shows he can balance his act between a loyal worker to a conniving one, he reveals a negative streak to his character quite effortlessly. And the actor looks pretty confident in it.
The background score by Sandeep Chowtha is superb, and adds a refreshing tone to the film. Composed by G. V. Prakash, the film’s only song, bears a striking similarity to the composer’s earlier hit Penne Penne (from Irumbu Kuthirai). The transitions from one setting to another are tight and smooth, credits to editor Praveen Antony’s for it.
The way the heist was carried out does seem a bit unrealistic; but realism is not the point here, the suspense is. Your experience of watching this film may not be nail-biting and mind-boggling, but it will definitely be an engaging one. It would be interesting to see what director A. G. Amid comes up with next.
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film if you’re a fan of heist thrillers and if you’re in a mood to watch a Hollywood-type of heist-thriller, localized for the Tamil audience. This film also has a superb production-value and is filled with some good performances.

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