Ramanujan: Film Review – A respectful tribute to India’s mathematical genius

With no formal education in Mathematics, Ramanujan conquered the field of mathematics and amused the world with his towering intellect and yet his own countrymen didn’t value his brilliance. This is precisely what the movie – Ramanujan, tries to convey. Based on the life of the Math prodigy Srinivasa Ramanujan, the film gives us wonderful moments that is enlightening, with a touch of modern day relevance.

Focusing on the protagonist, the first half streams fast; throwing light on the early life of the mathematical genius. Without lengthening or prolonging every part of his life, director Gnana Rajashekhar quickly establishes the episodes that display the genius’s accomplishments and struggles. For instance, the scene that showcases his transition from that of a sincere school student to a determined college student is worthy. Instead of focusing on the dejection he faced, the first-half focuses on how his mentors motivated him, these scenes are a touch of class to a biopic.
Not only does it commemorate the great and good of the scientist but also focuses on his downfall, and the second-half of the film evidently showcases it. The movie also gives us insights into religious beliefs. On asked why the atheist professor, Hardy, favors Ramanujan, he unapologetically responds, that he doesn’t want to break Ramanujan’s ideology as this may affect his mathematical work.
The second-half is a tad-bit slow, as it chooses to focus on his personal life and how he dies at an early age owing to his ill health.
The tone of is perfectly apt for a period film, and cinematographer Sunny Joseph does a fine job in his department. The wonderful Carnatic tunes by Ramesh Vinayagam blend with the mood of the film. Debutant Abhinay gives a subtle performance without overdoing it. He compels you with his performance as the innocently doting Son and draws your attention as the agonized man, longing to see his family. The little angelic kid who reprised the role of Ramanujam is a treat to watch. The stunning Bhama as Jannaki gives a spending performance. It would be great to see her do more Tamil films. But the star of the movie is Suhasini. She gains your sympathy as an earnest mother and makes you loathe her for being a tormenting mother-in-law.
P.S – This film can easily fetch awards and win the title of the most engaging biopic. But the bad news is – this film can all fall in the ‘major movie mistakes’ category due to its lack of precision to detail. 
*Spoilers ahead*
A few noticeable examples would be – The neatly concealed wires in Ramanujam’s dorm, and the charger spotted at the restroom and the sign board outside the police station. But no one is complaining, when you pull of such an inspiring biopic.
Why you should watch this film:
Watch this film for director Gnana Rajashekhar’s brilliant take on the life of Ramanujan. Despite the long runtime (2 hours 40 minutes), this film will engage you.

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