Richie: Film Review – Hold on to Your Seats as Nivin Pauly Delivers a Stellar Performance

Verdict: An interesting tale filled with suspense that keeps you on the edge.

The most awaited "neo-noir crime drama" Richie starring Nivin Pauly and Shraddha Shrinath released today. Richie is a remake of the hit Kannada movie originally written by Rakshit Shetty called Ulidavaru Kandanthe and rocked the box office back in 2014. Now, neo-noir means that the film includes elements of black with updated themes of audio and visuals giving major focus on art direction. Directed by Gautham Ramachandran, this film follows different storylines of different characters and does the same with great finesse. 

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What is Richie About:

The story follows different characters but mainly Richard K. Sagayam a.k.a Richie (Nivin Pauly) and his life as a professional rowdy. The film includes many other characters and their versions of the story showing their take on it while being interviewed by Megha (Shraddha Srinath) who is a journalist. The other characters include Peter, Murugeshan who is his ally, Raghu (Raj Bharath) who is his childhood friend and Selva (Nataraja Subramaniam), a boat mechanic. During the course of the film, Peter finds a treasure in the sea while fishing and this proves to be ruinous for everyone involved. This film also stars Prakash Raj as Rev. A.K. Sagayam who is Richie's father and is almost perfect in his role.

What Works:

The theme of the film allows for brilliant art direction with captivating stills for the multiple narratives of the film. The film also builds an immense amount of suspense throughout the film, making you want to sit on the edge of your seat. The background score is absolutely stunning and goes along with the narrative absolutely brilliantly. The songs are top notch. The story does not feel dragged in any way and the production value is at its absolute best. Nivin Pauly delivers a stellar performance and we cannot get enough of him in the film.

What Could Have Been Better:

The film shows Shraddha Srinath's character with very limited screen time. The film tends to confuse you with certain aspects of the story making you wonder as to why some scenes happened the way it did and the intention behind them.

Why You Should Watch This Film:

Nivin Pauly is the lead of the film – need we say more? The film makes for an interesting watch and makes its audience think. We highly recommend you add this brilliant film to your watchlist for the weekend.

By Nikita Fernandes