Romantic comedies often have a tendency to be too mushy and reach a point where it gets irritating. But, director Lakshman’s Romeo Juliet manages to stay safe and balance it well. The film has some good humor, strong writing and good cast. The new version as the film promotes it to be is a sure shot fun watch! Despite its predictable trope and cliched characterization, the film works.

The film opens on an interesting note – giving us iconic love scene from films featuring Thyagaraja Bhagavathar to the latest film featuring Dhanush, and even featuring the iconic scene from Mouna Ragam. If  you thought this film works in these line, then you’re wrong. 

The humour in this film sets in after it establishes its lead characters. It begins like a standard romantic comedy, establishing the varied extreme personalities of its characters. The premise of Romeo Juliet is nothing like Shakespeare’s tale, in fact, it’s far from claiming it to be a modern version. It should’ve rightfully been named OK OK part 2, as it bears a similar format and premise to that film.
The problem with this film are its dialogues. Sexist remarks, and dialogues such as ‘Indha ponungale ipadidhan…’ do receive a lot of whistles and cheers from the ‘mass’ audience.Considering that this is a fun film and nothing needs to be taken seriously, this can be excused. But, do we need dialogues like these? In a time where the audiences are able to accept a strong women-centric film like 36-Vayadhinile, do we need to listen to silly lines that demean the entire women population of this world? This film could’ve avoided those lines. The length of this film is also a tad too long. It talks speaks about two characters who are stalkers. These lead characters can’t handle rejection, and humiliate the other person like an obligation. What is a Kollywood romantic film without these elements?
Just like her previous films Hansika, plays the role she’s most familiar with – the chirpy, cute girl. Her aim in life is to fall in love with a wealthy man and settle down. One of the best scenes is her mouthing lines about materialism and her future to Jayam Ravi. A few logical loopholes are also to be noted in the film. Although cliched, Hansika has a lot of scope to perform here. Jayam Ravi is subtle and doesn’t go over the top. His entire performance is very likeable. Even supporting artist like Haniska’s friend, Teena, gives a good performance.
Why you should watch this film:
With some rib-ticking humor, this film is guaranteed to entertain you! Watch it for Hansika and Jayam Ravi’s sizzling chemistry. A jolly-good time at the cinema!