If you’re going for a film which stars Vijay Sethupathi, your expectations are instantly inflated mainly because this actor has added a new dimension to Tamil cinema. But what if you have been misled into watching a film where he plays the role of a second fiddle to the hero. But this doesn’t stop here, he gives his 100% in a film with a sloppy story.
Rummy, directed by Balakrishnan is a film set in the ’80s where Inigo (Shakti, which was revealed only 30 minutes into the film) and Joseph (Vijay Sethupathi)study in the same college and become good friends immediately. Both college-goers fall in love with daughters of despotic goons in the village. A conflict arises when Joseph elopes with his lady and the henchmen begin their quest to hunt them down. This movie has several flaws, and extremely terrible plot. The main flaw being the dreadfully weak storyline. It is purely inconsistent. It becomes a tad too tiring to watch the characters go about aimlessly throughout the movie. The film also has mindless forgettable characters that could’ve been used in a better way.
The lacuna could be the lack of  suspense, drama and detailing. It seems like Director Balakrishnan really lacked the energy to make this film. You will probably be perplexed when you notice the inappropriate costumes that the characters in the film (belonging to the ’80s wear). The main lead, Inigo tries his best to play a savior, a hero but his earnest attempt almost fails due to a weak characterization. Aishwarya seems promising in her short-lived role, and her emotions are top-notch. The only saving grace of the film is Vijay Sethupathi, it surprises me as to how he could underplay his role with such ease. He’s probably the only actor to add inventiveness to such a role. Perhaps that’s why the makers decided to market the movie using him as a brand name. Although, it’s remorseful to know how brief his appearance was. The other notable point of this film is the eye-catching cinematography by Premkumar who has beautifully captured the historic monuments.
This film could’ve turned out to be like a ‘Nadodigal’ or a ‘Sunderapandian’, it could’ve strongly dealt with the premise and platitudes on the subject of love or friendship. But the film just fails you. There is no legitimate reason, other than personal desire to name the film Rummy’. This easily could’ve been a better film, possibly one that tackled the sensitive topic of honor-killing rather beating around the bush.

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