A great way to hook the audience is by beginning a film and hinting a level of mystery. That’s exactly how the film, Salim, grabs your attention within the first few minutes. Adding a level of mystery and leaving the audience puzzled always seems to work. Although the film completely engages you in till the first-half. It eventually lets you down due to its flawed script and stretched plot.

The filmmaker Nirmal Kumar, has made a pretty smart move by casting music-composer turned filmmaker Vijay Antony. Capitalizing on Vijay Antony’s impassive face, the first-half of the film shows us his calm and composed nature. Which doesn’t demand him to express too much. The second-half showcases the actor in a similar manner, only with more intensity. You aren’t really sure if the actor provides the tension to the moment, or you’re hooked to the scene. Filmmakers must note that edge-of-the-seat moments in a thriller can’t be created with only its fast-beat music. As for the narrative, Salim does a Vishwaroopam. Portraying the character of Vijay Antony like that of a timid Kamal Hassan from Vishwaroopam seems like déjà vu. But that’s not all; the second-half of the film reminds us of Kamal’s Unnai pol Oruvan. Dr.Salim walks around town with his coat everywhere. The film already establishes that the protagonist is a doctor, we don’t need the remainder of the film to remind us that.
Watching WWE reveals highly that the person exhibits a level of aggression. Although this is only a theory, the director has used it appropriately for the character of Nisha. A particular scene in the film makes us empathize with Salim’s aggression. We watch a scene, where doctors celebrate over some drinks. This scene is rather unintentionally funny. The ‘Doctors’ are literally seen going bonkers over liquor. They are so high, that they begin exhibiting silly acts. Not sure if these are doctors or monkeys in a bar. Sorry that’s an insult to the animals.
Loosely-inspired by the Delhi rape case, Salim tries to gain your attention by representing himself as a normal citizen, who tries to challenge the evils of the society. A movie which portrays a sensitive issue could’ve been dealt with clearly. Rather, it takes two different plots and gives us irrelevant insert shots which leave you a tad-bit puzzled. Even though the second-half is predictable, the way the director slowly unravels the mystery and grabs your attention is laudable.
Why you should watch this film?
Watch this film for its highly-gripping plot and also for its climax that is sure to surprise you. And the star of the film, Vijay Antony.

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