Debutant Vinod definitely knows a thing or two about building tension among his audience, and his film Sathuranga Vettai is the evidence to this. The filmmaker builds in drama and suspense by highlighting the story of a con-man, and how he aides a group of goons commit a heist.

Early on in the film, you see the police officers, torturing him in order for him to reveal the truth. But in vain, the guy never reveals his motive. He simply justifies his action by adding a philosophical twist to it. It is here that you see the essence of the brilliant writing. Simple-yet-powerful dialogues that have you ponder for a while. Supported by a rock-solid script, and a strong narrative this is an evidence of a film. The time-lapse sequences are a true delight – especially the one which involves the Kalasam. And the scene that showcases his flashback in the form of an animation is intriguing.
The film charms you with its subtle humor that often arises when Gandhi Babu’s plans are revealed. A special mention to the court scene, in which you see witnesses explaining how they fell into his trap. The characters in the film, who are mostly unfamiliar faces, add a sense of credibility to their roles. Each character is vividly-sketched, which make the scenes compelling.
If the film falls flat on certain occasions, then blame it on the pacing, which is characterized by needless songs and a slight overdose of sentiment. But the major highlight of the film is the performance by its lead cinematographer-turned-actor Natraj Subramaniyan. Despite of being hit and thrashed by his enemies, he constantly thinks of a plan, and executes it in the most-intelligent way. It is fun to watch the actor execute this in a convincing act.
Why should you watch this film?
With no big stars or fancy sets, this film is entirely content-driven. This edge-of-the-seat Suspense-Drama will keep you hooked till the end.

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