Siddhant: Film Review – Slow and steady

There are some stories that need to be told. Siddhant is one of them. Set in a small Maharashtrian town, Siddhant is a beautiful blend of love, relations, and faith painted across the canvas of a very unusual subject- Mathematics. The movie basically displays the relationship between a grandfather Appa Thosar (Vikram Gokhale) and his grandson Vakratund, at the same time branching out and touching upon the personal lives of each member in the family. The film has a daily soap-ish feel which they could have absolutely done without. The film stays at a certain level all throughout, but disappoints when it starts building expectations, and falls flat in the very next frame.

Appa Thosar is a mathematician of great repute, who is respected in the whole of Konkan because of his achievements. Vakratund lost his parents many years ago, and later his elder brother was thrown out of the house. The tragedies in their lives never end. The floor below Appa’s feet shifts when he comes to know that his grandson has been passing the last two years of his school, just because the teacher was bribed. This causes everybody’s life to shuffle a bit. Even through all this, Appa’s primary aim in life is to make sure that Vakratund excels his mathematics. There are plenty of characters in the movie, and everyone is present in every frame of the movie. The stories are brilliant if looked at individually. But all the tales coming together creates nothing else but a hazy mess. When the film starts de-cluttering itself, the plot becomes predictable. So at every point, there is one thing or the other pulling the film down.

As far as acting is considered, Vikram Gokhale is his usual brilliant self, and the rest of the cast leave no stone unturned in complementing him. Shankar Mahadevan delivers a few exemplary tracks which add colour to the storyline. The young actor as Vakratund delivers a commendable performance, and his confidence in front of the camera is worthy of an applause. All in all, keeping the lengthy patches of the film aside, Siddhant is an emotional film worthy of a watch!

Why should you watch this film?

Watch it for the fine performances by the actors, and how neatly the storyline branches out and displays a variety of different characters and emotions.

By Vikas Nopany