Be it the strict police officer, such as Captain Prabhakar, arrogant antagonistic Saamy, shouting match contender Duraisingam or Charming Raghavan. Cop films have always done the trick for Tamil audience. Vikram Prabhu just hit the jackpot by finding the right script at the right time of his career.

Murali Pandian, a carefree son of a dedicated ex-police inspector Chellappa who got injured during a protest, is the lead in the film. The incident which scarred his father’s life forever makes him hate the job. Whereas his father aspires, that his son become an award-winning police officer. There is an ongoing crime scenario involving credit card fraud in the city. A blockbuster film is formed when these two plots collide.
Vikram Prabhu as a cop does justice to his action sequences and physique. But he could have created a bolder character by using a more commanding voice. Sathyraj portrays a very sincere ex-cop who motivates his son to join the police department. There is a scene before the interval where he shows true love towards the department, in spite of being physically challenged. The characterization is commendable. The heroine, Monali Gajjar is there, but not completely there yet. Her character reminds you some of the clichéd heroines of the past. The key antagonist in the film reminds you of Ilamaran and Amudhan of Vettaiadu Vilayadu fame. But they have their own smart ways of getting you distracted from the nostalgia.
Imaan deserves a pat for the background score. Among the songs, Takku Takku is the one that sticks in your head even after the film is over.
Cinematographer has desperately tried for some new shots, which in honesty, disturbs the flow of the film. There are traits of Mysskin in the film. One wonders why. Overall it is a smart cop film, which will not let you down.
Why should you watch this film?
Sigaram Thodu is an intelligent cop story, which goes beyond the usual roaring and thigh slapping fare we get to see usually. It is different and original and hence, deserves a watch.

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