Verdict: With a PSA, the film takes twists and turns after almost every scene. 

Set in North Chennai, Sketch is your basic Tamil "mass" film as you'd call it, with the plotline mostly based on a rowdy gang and moral justifications for their doings. Albeit a story of a gang, this film played well with the emotions of the audience and the storyline delivered what was expected to the audience and somehow managed to deliver more as well.

What is Sketch about? 

The film focuses on Jeeva a.k.a. Sketch (Vikram) and his gang of three friends Chitti, Guna and Bhaskar who work for Sait (Hareesh Peradi)  in acquiring dues of customers by seizing vehicles. Sketch takes up the mantle after his uncle Dorai (Arul Doss) loses his hand during one of the fights. There is an inevitable ego clash and dispute that stirs up between Royapuram Kumar and Sketch when Sait asks sketch to seize his car from Kumar and that's where everything comes tumbling down for everyone around Sketch. The film delivers a great message in the end which comes as quite a shocker to the entire audience. The film also sees Thammanna as Ammu who plays the love interest, while the comic angle was delivered by Mari (Soori) and did not generally have much of an importance to the plotline.

What works? 

The film has some brilliant dialogues that are written and delivered astoundingly well. The story and character development of Sketch and his friends were done remarkably well and the dynamic between all the four actors was simply wonderful to watch. Despite his limited screentime, Soori managed to make the audience laugh. The overall film worked mostly to the tune of Vikram and his pivotal role and revolved only around him limiting the character development of the rest of the cast but Vikram did a great job in his acting and giving his 100% to the film.

What could've been better? 

The film has incredibly mediocre songs that seemed to just pop up in unnecessary situations of the film and in one-too-many situations as well. Tamannah did not really seem like she did much in the film and her role was restricted to just playing the love interest and nothing more. Her acting was subpar. The film also saw too many "Sketch" puns making it quite tiresome. 

Why you should watch this film: 

This is a great film to watch with your friends gang if you're up for being emotional about them. A good one-time-watch with a funny script and Vikram's awesome acting makes it a film you will definitely want to watch this weekend and ASAP.