Strawberry: Film Review – A Predictable Horror Film Sans the Spooks

Horror is a rather popular genre in Tamil cinema. And, as a successful trend, it has gripped everybody. Little surprise that lyricist-turned-actor Pa. Vijay decided to play it safe with Strawberry, a horror flick. Apart from starring in it, Pa. Vijay has also produced and directed the movie. Despite providing some thought-provoking moments, the film lacks three essential elements required for a horror film – thrill, spooks and mystery. 

The plot is fairly simple – A ghost seeks a mortal’s help to avenge her death. The director seemed to have borrowed the theme from recent films like Pisaasu and Masss. And, also borrows heavy tropes from choreographer-turned director Raghava Lawrence‘s successful horror films like the Kanchana series. But, Pa. Vijay induces a heavy amount of melodrama in his film, which makes it seem almost like a soap-opera. Making an 8-year-old child speak like a grown-up doesn’t quite strike the right chord. 
The first-half of the film takes time to establish the characters while the second-half moves at a snail’s pace. The suspense in the story is already revealed in the first-half and to stretch it further is baffling. The filmmakers could’ve explored the revenge angle slightly more than they did. 
One of the many strong points of this film, is the social message it carries highlighting the life of students and school management. You are left wishing the film elaborated on the subject instead of the horror elements in the story. We’ve seen enough of coloured eye sequences, ghosts in the mirror. A horror film should be more than these scenes. The film also introduces Robo Shankar as Ajith‘s die-hard fan – and this is purely to bring in the applause of the audience. The CG may be average, but serves the purpose in this film.The performances by the artists in this film is average at best. The only worthy performances are by Thambi Ramaiah, Robo Shankar, Samuthirakani and Devayani.
Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
If you like watching horror movies with a lot of drama, then Strawberry is your pick. The cinematography is quite good. The stunning top angle shots, and the wide angle shots add depth to the film, and make it a enjoyable visual experience.