The last time we saw Vadivelu in a historical comedy, was in a hugely successful Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi and a disappointing Indiralohathil Na Azhagappan. After a brief hiatus, the master of gags is back on the big screen with yet another historical comedy. This time it is with the movie, Tenali Raman. The actor who is known for his witty one-liners and distinct body language, treats the audience with double the entertainment this time around by appearing in dual roles.

The premise of the story isn’t entirely new, it is partially a mixture of ; Old Fables of Tenali Raman that have been blended with political satire. Giving preference to the title, the film begins, depicting the stories of the witty Tenali Raman.
Vadivelu provides some wholesome entertainment portraying the role as both; Tenali Raman and The king. He displays his terrific body language, delivers his trademark gags and sinks into the character of the king. He also gives a dignified and intelligent performance as the court jester. This is one actor who is clearly able to give a distinguished performance in a dual role. The film has been etched carefully to provide some genuine moments especially  when the king disguises himself as a common man. The scene where expresses his curiosity after he lifts a heavy sack, is one such moment.
Director Yuvaraj has thoroughly worked on the tiny details that help in the overall visual brilliance. Be it the neat visual effects or the delightful scenic view, the scenes create the perfect mood. But the problem with this film is that it is lacks an essential binding element that could’ve ensured a smooth narrative. It is scattered with a few satires, a few fables of Tenali Raman and the life of a king-thereby losing focus on the conflict which could’ve led to a smooth progression. The movie weighs in on Vadivelu the actor, rather than weighing in on the character Tenali Raman, eventually losing the focal point. The songs are a tad-bit long and are placed at unnecessary situations.
Why you should watch this film?
Portraying his character with both innocence and intelligence Vadivelu provides is the highlight of this film. Overall this film is a treat for Vadivelu fans. But it could’ve endeared us with a cleverly tight narrative especially focusing on Tenali Raman.

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