Verdict: A psychological crime thriller that uses a tried-and-tested formula to its advantage.

Murder mysteries and dual roles set an interesting combination, and that’s what director Magizh Thirumeni does right in his new Tamil film Thadam. Thadam is not about the overused dual role stereotypes but explores new possibilities and opportunities of identical faces motif in a psychological thriller. Produced by Inder Kumar under the banner of Redhan- The Cinema People, the film stars Arun Vijay, Tanya Hope, and Vidya Pradeep in lead roles. The film’s music has been composed by Arun Raj, and the cinematography has been done by Gopinath.

What’s Thadam About:

Arun Vijay plays the double roles of Ezhil and Kavin in Thadam. Ezhil is a successful construction engineer and is in love with Deepika (Tanya Hope). Kavin is a conman who is ruthless in deceiving people for money. Both their stories run parallelly in the plot until a murder connects the two of them. Both are arrested as suspects of the murder, and the film then revolves around who between the two is the actual culprit.

What Works:

Thadam has a striking narration technique, as it peels off the layers of characters one by one. It portrays two complex characters who have their own emotional and psychological issues and how that affects the investigation makes the plot intriguing. Ezhil and Kavin are well-rounded characters, and director Magizh craft fully unravels the multiple layers of the characters. It is a well-scripted crime thriller, that builds gradually until the climax. Arun Vijay steals the show convincingly portraying both the characters well. The fact that the characters of Ezhil and Kavin are different at the same time with similarities is beautifully executed by Arun. Vidya Pradeep, who plays the role of Malar, the police officer investigating the scene delivers a remarkable performance. Malar is a woman in power, who is constantly in search of the truth behind the murder, and her thirst for solving the mystery is interestingly done by Vidya. Smruthi Venkat as Ananthi has a small role in the film as Kavin’s love interest. Though her character does not add to the main plot, her few minutes on the screen leaves a memorable mark.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The first half of the film seems a bit chaotic. While there are many interesting characters, you’re connected to them only in the second half. It is the second half that holds the film together. Nevertheless, director Magizh interestingly ties all the missing pieces as the film reaches the climax.

Why You Should Watch:

Thadam has two interesting aspects to it, one being a crime thriller and the other the jazz of double roles. These two elements are beautifully exploited in the film and they complement each other so well, making Thadam a delightful experience.