There are very few political dramas that strike you powerfully. Thalaivaa is one of them. Yes, you do see a lot of shades of Sarkar and The Godfather in the film, but nonetheless the film delivers a very sturdy punch. After a well-paced and hard-hitting start, the story showcases the life of Vishwa (Vijay) who stays in Australia, has a mineral water company of his own and not to mention his own dance troupe – The Tamil Pasanga. Vishwa is a prolific dancer and has a happy-go-lucky life. His company is doing well and so is he. Life moves on for Vishwa very smoothly till he has to return back to his homeland to meet his loving yet aloof father because of a certain incident. This is where things take an ugly turn and he decides to follow his father’s footsteps. The first half of the movie is delightfully stupendous. Very good dialogue delivery, extremely quirky scriptwriting and a nice concoction of fun with a pinch of seriousness and romance. Towards the end of the 1st half is when things begin to get heavy and intense. This is one part of the movie that will be loved by audiences the most. It will leave them gasping to watch what happens in the 2nd half. The 2nd half of the movie, though good, will leave you a tad-bit disappointed. It is a run-of-the-mill power story in the second half of the film and it did seem like a drag. The latter half of the movie could have done away with a couple of unwanted sequences. Watching Vishwa transforming from the boy next door to a powerful figure is something you should watch out for. He has managed this transformation with smoothness and utmost ease. The soundtrack of the movie was quite brilliant, to say the least. The song sequences were nice and the background score perfectly fit into the film. Overall, Thalaivaa is a very good movie to watch, not just for movie fanatics down south but all across the nation. If it’s the one thing you learn from this flick is – If you’re your father’s son, you will follow his footsteps!  

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