Thegidi : Film Review

It’s not often that we see good thriller genre based films in Tamil cinema.  Thegidi is one such film. It does justice to its title both literally and figuratively. Dealing with a highly intriguing theme like Forensic science and Criminology the film captivates you in every scene.  
Directed by debutant Ramesh, Thegidi stands as a genuine and honest take on the thriller genre. The story revolves around Vetri ( Ashok Selvan), an enthusiastic detective who gets recruited at an investigative agency.  He is then assigned to investigate on a few people. Things take a turn in Vetri’s  life when these subjects die one after the other after mysterious circumstances. The rest of the story is how the lead tries to unravel some noteworthy facts behind these series of murders. 
Ashok Selvan thoroughly convinces you with his sharp looks, he endears you to the fullest. He is particularly brilliant in scenes which reveal his intensity when he faces the pressure. Janani Iyer’s performance is subtle and underplayed, which is what is exactly necessary for the role. It’s refreshing to see a young actress like her dub for herself.  A special mention to Jayaprakash who steals the show as the macho police office. It’s good to know that he gets commendable roles like these. One of the  highlights of the film is perhaps its talented and almost new supporting artists, like Kaali (as Nambi), Pradeep Nair and Rajan Iyer.
Thegidi is clearly impressive among the most recent Tamil films. Unlike other films, this doesn’t shift its plot, it doesn’t hold unnecessary characters, and neither does it drag on and on.  Its splendid narrative and sharp screen play creates an impact. Brilliant job by cinematographer Dinesh. He adds an inventive element to theme of the film. ( Spoiler alert) Especially in the scene where one of the subjects gets murdered in a lake. Nivas Prasanna’s background score is enthralling. Leo John’s editing is crisp and neat.
Despite of its relatively inflated back story, this movie engages you. It’s perhaps Director Ramesh’s premise overall packaging of the film, and precise detailing that makes this edge of the seat thriller gripping. Watch it for the surprise element of the film that will remain as an enigma for you.

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