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Theri: Film Review – A Solid Commercial Entertainer!

Verdict: A treat for all Vijay's fans.

Riveting, delightful and undoubtedly full-on whistle-worthy – these words perfectly describe the Vijay-starrer, director Atlee Kumar’s cop drama Theri. A well-packaged South Indian thali which is both spicy, sweet and fully enjoyable.

The last time Vijay played the role of a police officer, it was for the film Jilla (2014). The film saw Vijay go from a happy-go-lucky youth, to a responsible officer. However, his most notable portrayal of a cop was in the film, Pokkiri (2007). He was witty, sincere and playful. His role immediately caught the attention of the audience. But it looks like Vijay has got another memorable cop role to his credit. And that is the role of Officer Vijay Kumar in Theri. He is credited with being an honest, funny and witty police officer. In additional to all this, he is elevated to the level of being a superhero as well!
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In his latest cop-drama, Theri, Vijay also doubles up as a responsible father and a loving husband. Directed by Atlee Kumar, the film is loaded with action, thrill, and comedy, and packages itself as a solid commercial entertainer. But what makes it stand out from other cop films is its narrative. It’s easy to guess the film’s plot, or even guess who’ll ultimately succeed at the end. But what’s interesting is how our hero, Vijay Kumar, goes about achieving success. This may be director Atlee’s second film, but he’s already mastered the fundamentals of making a ‘mass’ entertainer that pleases the fans of the hero.

Police dramas often revolve around a cat-and-mouse chase between good and evil with an additional revenge plot. This one is no different. The film’s template is similar to that of the 1990 classic film, Chatriyan. The film centers around Vijay Kumar (Vijay) whose decision to challenge a corrupt politician (Mahendran) works against him. But unlike the classic, here we see the hero exact revenge against his enemy in several different ways. The first half of the film shines light on a very serious issue that is loosely inspired from the infamous Nirbhaya case. It is dealt with sensitivity, something that’s required for this sequence.

The film also gives you good doses of comedy and delightful sequences between Vijay and baby, Nainika Vidyasagar. It focuses on the romance track between Samantha and Vijay, giving us several moments to laugh out loud. The second half of the film is more intense. We invest ourselves in trying to find out how Vijay will go about challenging his arch enemy. After all, aren't we all going to root for the hero? It is amazing the way Officer Vijay’s every move is planned.

The sequences in the second half are sure to surprise you. Forget killing the villain(s) in an action sequence- this film doesn't waste time in doing all that. Vijay Kumar’s techniques add a new twist to it.

On the downside, the film’s major twists and revelations felt rushed and didn't have a logical flow. The film also deviates from conveying a social message to taking on a different sub-plot. Director Atlee’s debut film, Raja Rani, was filled with preachy and mushy dialogues- you are likely to find them in Theri's romantic sequences as well.

Vijay delivers a solid performance. He wins you over as the doting father, the loving husband and the fierce officer. It was refreshing to see him don three different avatars in the film. This is one of his best roles in recent times, a treat for fans! Famed director-turned-actor J. Mahendran’s performance as the menacing politician is top-notch! Nothing too aggressive or loud, he plays the role of a baddie with swag.

Samantha may seem slightly glammed up for a doctor, but she delivers a good performance. Amy Jackson’s role seems semi-sketched but her performance worked well. Baby Nainika steals the show with her adorable performance. Technically, the background music by G. V. Prakash is apt. The cinematography by George C. Williams is laudable.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

This is a must-watch for all Vijay fans. It’s got the action, the drama and the thrill; and most importantly, it’s got Vijay giving a delightful performance. A complete entertainer that’s worth your money. Go watch it today!