Verdict: Vijay Antony gives us an enjoyable flick.

Musician Vijay Antony is back again trying to prove his mettle in acting with Thimiru Pudichavan. The movie is directed by Ganeshaa and has been produced by Fatima Vijay Antony under the banner Vijay Antony Film Corporation. The movie features Nivetha Pethuraj and Sai Deena in prominent roles alongside many young and new talented actors.

What’s Thimiru Pudichavan About:

Murugavel (Vijay Antony) is a cop who lives with his bratty younger brother in Virudhunagar. The protective older brother is worried about his younger brother and tries to stop him from something he’d regret later. One day, tired of Murugavel’s “preaching”, he runs away to Chennai. Two years later, Murugavel is transferred to Chennai where he finds out that his brother is committing heinous crimes under the goon Padma (Sai Deena). Under unavoidable circumstances, he encounters his only family – his younger brother and vows to make a difference. He learns that the police are corrupt and the city is ruled by Padma who has manipulated young boys and has planted himself as a hero in their minds. He encourages them to commit crimes for him. Murugavel changes the situation one by one, in the process falls in love with his colleague Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj). At one point, he comes face to face with Padma and challenges him to change the situation. Thus, the cat and mouse game begins.

What Works:

The performances deserve appreciation. Vijay Antony carries off the emotional, insomniac, kind-hearted cop really well. Nivetha is bubbly, funny and makes the movie lively. Sai Deena is a strong antagonist and the young boys have done a tremendous job as well. It is interesting to see a transgender character in a movie without being mocked and portrayed with respect. The film does not have over-the-top romance, unwanted comedy tracks or item songs, which is quite refreshing considering the genre. The songs are pretty good too and the background music creates a great set for a mass movie – Vijay Antony has been successful in that area as well. Thimiru Pudichavan has a good and relevant social message and ends on a high note.

What Could Have Been Better:

The screenplay could have been better. Though the story and circumstances are good, it falls flat because of the weak screenplay. There are many logical glitches and loopholes that make you wonder why nobody noticed it while making the movie. Action scenes get exaggerated and unbelievable at times. Murugavel is way too dramatic at times, which could have been avoided.

Why You Should Watch the Movie:

Thimiru Pudichavan is an interesting watch, especially in the second half. It has all the elements to keep you hooked to your seats. Book your tickets for an interesting game of cat and mouse.