Thirudan Police is a fresh “never-before-seen cop story”, which you will enjoy from the beginning till the end. It is filled with hilarious moments, unexpected twists and a nail-biting climax. Sarcasm intended.
Vishwa is an unemployed, irresponsible and arrogant young man who beats up anyone who ticks him off. His father was very strict in the upbringing of his son, guiding him through the paths of a good life by thrashing him and justifying it to his mother. His sudden demise, however, makes his son want to pursue the occupation of a cop. How unexpected is that? The plot thickens (or does it?) when Vishwa tries to find the person behind his father’s murder.
Post the first few minutes of the movie, one begins to wonder if Dhinesh has come out of cuckoo or not. Expectations go unmet seeing Dhinesh under performing onscreen. And it’s not just him. If someone had to justify saying this is a mass film and that’s the reason every single actor in this film has not given their best efforts. It fails in that way too. It’s neither funny, nor entertaining.
There is a scene in Thirudan Police where some scary thugs chase the heroine to abduct her and take her to their master for him to rape her. Suddenly, the hero arrives out of nowhere and she falls into him, hugs and hides behind his back. He stares, prompting the thugs to run. And this is the least cliched scene in the film. 
Yuvan lets you down big time. There was a point of time in Tamil cinema where each film featured a hot woman in a yellow saree performing a dance number. Today, they have all been replaced by leading heroes.
If one had to appreciate something about this film, it would be the director’s ability to have sold this story to the producer. Hats off to you. You must be a very good narrator.
Why should you watch this film?
You don’t have much of a choice this week.

By Pradeep Antony

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