Verdict: A solid action-thriller

Sleek, neat and clever – these three words describe this week’s latest Diwali releaseThoongavanam. Packed with brilliant action sequences, effortless performances and a thrilling narrative, director Rajesh M. Selva’s Thoongavana is gripping. 
A dishonest cop, an underworld don, drugs and a hostage – Thoongavanam intertwines a web of interesting concepts and in a tight screenplay. An official remake of the French film Sleepless Night, Thoongavanam is a presented in neo-noir style. With its sleek presentation and short run time, the film manages to set everything right.
Selva stays true to the original film by keeping the Thoongavanam’s pace swift without confusing the viewer. The film barely ever seems to lose pace taking the viewer on a thrilling ride. The movie promised action and it delivers. The fistfights, the chase sequences, and each and every action sequence is skillfully done making it look very convincing and realistic.
Kamal Haasan, once again delivers a top-notch performance as the smart undercover officer. His brisk moves, superb stunts and the emotional moments he shares with his son in the movie will once again prove why he is counted as one of the finest actors in the country. Trisha pulls off a neat performance as a special officer. Her de-glam avatar is shielded by her brave characterization. One of the other best performances of the film is by Prakash Raj. He may seem like a menacing villain at first, but his character changes towards the climax of the film. He is superb as the rich drug dealer.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
With adrenaline-pumping action sequences, and good performances this film is a must watch. Kamal Haasan fans are sure to enjoy this thriller!