Verdict: You will find yourself entrapped in this engaging drama.

Amidst a plethora of commercial movies behold your very own Indian version of Sherlock Holmes – Thupparivaalan. Director Mysskin has certainly outdone himself with this nail biting thriller movie. If you happen to wonder what the title of the movie means, it translates to Detective.

The characters of this movie are loosely based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work of creation. What is to be appreciated about the movie though is the story line. It is written and plotted out so meticulously that it is actually quite hard to find a leak or a flaw.  Having Vishal and Prasanna in the lead roles, you can definitely spot the similarities to Sherlock Holmesand Dr. Watson.

Although the fundamentals of this story line are pretty basic, Mysskin has managed to execute this into an intricate work of art. The movie starts out with a series of killings and you are more likely to be confused and curious as to where the story is heading. A small boy’s dog’s death leads him to approach Vishal in order to ask for his help in finding the killer. As the story progresses, everything starts to make sense and you begin to connect the dots. Rather than placing props and images and showing sceneries that are pleasing to the eyes, this movie actually keeps your brain active.
Thupparivaalan - BookMyShowRight from the scene of Vishal’s introduction, you start to see the resemblance to the well-known television series, Sherlock.Remember the scene where Sherlock acts eccentric when he feels his brain melt faster than a candle that is lit, or the one where he was annoyed that he did not get a challenging case to solve? Well, that is your opening scene, except there is Vishal in place of Sherlock and Prasanna supplanting Dr.Watson. However, in the name of being inspired, Director Mysskin has imitated few scenes from the television series, which are pretty easy to spot if you happen to be a Sherlock fan.

Whoever styled Vishal’s clothes, wanted his character to be conspicuous as a detective. With a beret, scarf and coolers, Vishal totally nails the detective look in this movie. The director has focused on the tiniest of details, which definitely needs appreciation.

The antagonist of this movie is played by Vinay and Andreah. Vinay portrays the role of a psychopath really well. Few other important actors cast in this movie include Simran, Bhagyaraj and Anu Emmanuel.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The movie is all about engaging the audience. For the brilliance in style of direction, cinematography, and the story line, one should watch the movie. Do not miss out on catching Indian Sherlock and Watson solving an interesting case.

By Shwetha Srikanth

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