When the promos of Trisha Illana Nayantara were first released, you probably dismissed the movie as yet another that spoke about about drunk men who abuse women. But, then when you watch the film, you realise it’s far from what you thought it would be. Sure, there are more than a couple of scenes that feature TASMAC and liquor. But, there isn’t any scene that degrades women. 

In fact, debutant director, Adhik Ravichandran actually shows enough respect for women. He achieves this by not being judgmental. Therefore, breaking the stereotype where filmmakers usually objectify women in a romcom. 
For instance, when in the movie Jeeva (G. V. Prakash) commands Aditi (Manisha Yadav) to stop drinking and tells her, women must never drink, she retorts. She asks him – “Who are you to control me? Don’t try to stop me from drinking just because I am a woman. I will do what I want to”. The second character, Ramya, moves on quickly from her first relationship and doesn’t mind admitting that she’s already been with somebody else. This could’ve easily been portrayed in a trashy manner but it has been dealt with sensitively. 
In one of the first scenes of the film you have Jeeva (G. V. Prakash) explain what it really felt like when he brushed shoulders against  his childhood friend and classmate Ramya (Aanandhi); a life-altering time in the life of a adolescent boy when his ‘hormones’ begin working.  And, you’re sure you’re going to watch a movie filled with many such dialogues. Perfect ingredients to pass off in an adult comedy. This film may also remind you of Kappal. 
G. V . Prakash plays the role of a ‘paavam’ guy.  And, he fits the bill quite well. He acting and dancing skills still leave a lot to be desired though. Aanandhi and Manisha deliver sincere performances. VTV Ganesh plays the usual role of a love guru, but with a slight twist to it. Simran’s brief cameo is memorable. 
Trisha Illena Nayantara begins as an adult comedy, but gradually takes the romcom direction bringing in too many new elements.  Adult comedies don’t need to degrade women or objectify them.  Naughty jokes are okay, but vulgar ones should never be part of such films. Add a wacky angle to it, and your audience is sure to be entertained. This is what Trisha Illana Nayantara gives us. 
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch this film for it’s whacky take on love, life and adulthood. A fun entertainer; for adults only!