In a season where period movies and mega-budget blockbusters are ruling the roost in Tamil cinema, comes a refreshingly new film that conveys the subject of enjoying the simplest things in life. But the very enjoyable moments are quickly overshadowed by clichéd ones, that result in a dreary narrative. Despite this, Prakash Raj’s Un Samayal Arayil still works, primarily for the charm that it throws in, complemented by the performance of the leading lady.

The first-half coasts along breezily, drawing strength from the sheer charm of Sneha and Prakash Raj. It also takes its strength from the theme that the film revolves around – food.  It’s so enjoyable that even the dialogues seem aptly-placed; especially the ones that give us ironic references. The scene when a furious Sneha is lead to the dubbing of the film ‘Bhadrakali’, or the scene where Prakash Raj gives a witty punch ‘‘Yenake Villain a?” (You’re talking about a villain to me?) spell pure irony.
But sadly the same cannot be said about the second-half. It’s slow and a tad too long. But the real problem surfaces when the filmmaker quickly shifts from the plot that connected the couple, to an entirely different story. What happened to the tribal chief’s security? And why was there particular focus on their careers? Was it to establish the nature of the protagonists or was it to give us a lead into the story. Questions like these leave us puzzled.
Sneha as Gowri, plays her role with subtlety and confidence. Her portrayal of the strong, independent woman makes her character believable. It’s delightful to see Sneha in a role like this, especially since she has dubbed for herself. But it is Prakash Raj who steals the show as Kalidas, the spunk he gives to the role is terrific. Isainyani Ilairaja’s music lifts the mood of the film, especially with the opening number that gives us some delectable visuals. 
Why you should watch this film?
Some of us eat to live, while some live to eat’. Un Samayal Arayil will enlighten you. If only the film continued to work on its opening sequence, it would’ve made the film even more flavorful. Watch it for its unusual take on love, and for the performances of its protagonists.

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